New Offices


Creating a future oriented work environment

Project facts and figures

Timeframe 2018-2019

Work setting possibilities 120

Space in m²2400

IndustryTech consultation

The Challenge

We helped BearingPoint in the remodeling of their three floor space - from tenant planning to moving in. The focus of the project was to design a clear, functional and ultimately colorful separation across the different areas.

Our Solution

Located above the two floors for employees is the heart of the building - the conference floor. Reception, catering area and classic conference rooms are complemented by contemporary meeting rooms. We interpreted the polygonal floor plan with furniture that complements it in form. This is particularly evident in the seating stairs of the design thinking room, the wooden standing tables and other custom-made pieces in the reception area. The highlight of the floor (in the truest sense of the word) is the neon sign.

The open kitchens feature different color schemes on each floor.
Brands in the design thinking space

The space was acquired in May 2019.

We integrated the structure of the company in the design with a uniform concept, aligning the different spaces with each other.

The CD provides the colors which can be found here in one of the lounges.
The characteristic forms of the building and the wall position extend into the furniture.