New Workingspaces

DKB Atrium

Transforming an atrium into a networking space

Project facts and figures

Timeframe 2015-2018

Work setting possibilities 120

Space in m² 1,000 m²

Industry Finance

The Challenge

In late summer of 2015, we took part in an ideas competition - called by DKB Service GmbH - with the goal of transforming the atrium of the building at Taubenstrasse 44/45 into a networking space. The task was to create temporary workstations as well as sufficient space for communication.

Our Solution

The realization of the project was successful in October 2017 and led to further cooperation in the development of a new workplace concept. The results developed through employee workshops provided the basis for our subsequent planning and the consistent implementation of the new concept by DKB in a pilot space in 2018.

Given that the building is a rental property, the biggest challenge was to come up with a solution that could be implemented without inflicting any massive structural changes on the atrium.

We developed a concept that envisaged a clear separation between the work zone and the communicative area.

In order to meet the requirements for good acoustics and sufficient discretion, we created "The Loop" - a canopy extending over the entire work area, which was acoustically treated on the underside. 

With a unified concept, we integrated the structure of the company into the design and thereby coordinated the different spaces with each other.

Since moving into the pilot area in the first quarter of 2018, the employees have been enthusiastically using the new work environments, such as the mini-meet rooms, the creative room and the communication kitchen.

In order to secure the IT supply to the workstations under the set structural conditions, we decided to use an E-Bridge. With this multifunctional furniture element, we were also able to realize the requirements for standard-compliant lighting of the workstations through the use of integrated lights.