New Workingspaces


A modern work environment for a traditional company

Project facts and figures


Work setting possibilities250

Space in m²3,900


The Challenge

The focus of the project was to create a unique office environment that reflected the long history of DR. KADE HEALTH CARE. The challenge was to create a compromise between a very open and a very closed office space. The custom concept that emerged from the results of the consulting process fits perfectly with the needs and working methods of the employees. We were with DR. KADE HEALTH CARE from the first idea of creating a new work environment, all the way through to workshops on the future work culture and working methods, as well as the development of an individual requirements profile.

Our Solution

The result was a tailor-made concept that represents the company, links its history with its origins in the Oranien-Apotheke in Berlin and unites it with the working culture of today. Combined in the monumental Ullsteinhaus, a mix between tradition and modernity was created. The expansion and design of spaces for retreat and places for exchange and communication was of particular importance here.

A bright and friendly reception welcomes you as you arrive. The formal language and materials form the core of the interior design guideline.
Naturally, the BIO box room includes multiple natural elements.
Light, filigree design takes a step back. Dots of color are a stimulating eye catcher.

An open room concept was created, which corresponds to the transparent way of working - all workplaces are equipped with equal facilities. Spaces for retreating and meetings, telephony, and workshops are sufficiently distributed throughout the area. The building geometry enabled the arrangement of these rooms according to a meandering arrangement. This results in a multifaceted and stimulating characteristic. The concept reflects the city within the city. From public to semi-public spaces to private houses that serve as retreats. Flexibility, openness and multifacetedness now enrich the daily work life in the egalitarian environment of DR. KADE HEALTH CARE.

The positioned boxes shield the work areas from the corridor. Exciting zones are created in the center area for informal and formal communication. The room-in-room situations create quiet places for phone calls and mini-meetings.

In order to secure the IT supply to the workstations under the set constructional conditions, we decided to use an E-Bridge. With this multifunctional furniture element, we were also able to realize the requirements for standard-compliant lighting of the workstations through the use of integrated lights.

Colored dots freshen up the open work environment.