New Offices

International auditing firm

A cutting-edge work environment in a newly built and refurbished office building in HH

Project facts and figures

Time frame2021

Work setting possibilities 1,200

Space in m² 19.500


The Challenge

To continue developing and digitizing the work settings that have already been implemented in other locations from the initial, generic workplace concept. To locate and explore the feasibility and relevance of the different work situations in the new space. To check the design and functionality of the furnishing options.

Our Solution

Creating a 3D module catalog for all of the work settings used as a guide for how to furnish the company's new locations in the future. Developing an intelligent furnishing plan including an interface to the dimensions and qualities planned as well as creating a 3D assembly plan for the entire building to provide a basis for new furniture logistics.

Room zoning using natural materials
Using color as a guiding system

All work settings were reviewed with the client for real-world use, and to create the best platform for future work practices.

The plant world meets the working world
Docking at the port ...
... and dropping an anchor

We supported our customer from the first planning stage, through the preparation of the bidding documents, to the finished furnished space.

Space to retreat to for intensive project work
Corporate mandaten lounge